As a multidisciplinary artist, I have always sought out freedom and self-improvement - through various mediums such as dance, sport, photography, and travel.


In 2008, in love with art in all its forms,  I left the EFET film school with a diploma in hand. There I learned directing, editing and photography. As a professional dancer, I also became aware of another reality thanks to urban dance and the entertainment industry, in which I evolved for 20 years. That's how proud I am to have succeeded in turning one of my childhood passions into a real profession. And it is one of the greatest successes of my life.



"Even when the road is hard never give up" Tupac Amaru Shakur


Today, I am looking for new horizons. Throughout my professional career, I have traveled a lot. I have visited many countries, and I have developed a strong interest in travel. The discovery, the action, the exhilaration, the adrenaline... All of these things make me vibrate. And I love capturing moments and events. Photography, video, and film have been an integral part of my life since I was a teenager.


Then in 2020, when I decided to pursue a new art form, I couldn't see myself doing anything else but combining my passion for travel with my skills in audio-visual.


That's how Parallel Latitude was born.


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