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Slow travel

Slow Travel: The active slowness…

When was the last time you took your time?

We’ve come a long way from the days when slowness was frowned upon: slow transportation systems, slow services, slow activities…

Yet today it is a highly sought-after commodity. The pace of daily life is not slowing down and this also affects the way we travel. The pleasure and satisfaction are much stronger when we act without haste! But let’s take a look at what slow travel means.

What is a “Slow Travel”.

Distorted by an era where the word “slow” evokes a disturbing impatience, speed is now a predetermined ideology in modern urban society, which is reflected in our approach to travel.


As such, the concept of slow travel aims to encourage us to return to the roots of why we travel.

What impact does this have on travel experiences?

The idea of slow travel is not to limit the benefits of growth and development of travel, but to help individuals live more by immersing themselves in the environment by limiting excessive consumption.


It’s not about trading monument tours for a beachside lounger… slow travel for me is much more a state of mind than a change of pace. It allows me to engage and connect with the destination, the people, the food, the local traditions, customs and language.


Some of you may think that slow travel may reduce my opportunities to explore and experience… On the contrary, slow travel is about accepting the destination as a goal and integrating myself into it in order to fully enjoy the benefits of the place visited.

In 2020 I decided to reconnect with an art form and movement that combines the image and travel professions with my different aspirations. That’s when I created my new structure that I called LATITUDE PARALLÈLE.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so why limit myself to an artificial and scripted journey? Slow travel is not only about learning, relaxing and unwinding the body and mind…

Slow travel is a state of mind!

It is an opportunity to soak up the beauty and soul of each destination and to open myself to spontaneous experiences. It takes me away from traditional ideas of travel and instead encourages me to blend into my surroundings. The goal is to find a rhythm and attitude that works for me.

Whether it’s walking, biking, a “roadtrip” or a train trip, it’s about slowing things down, both mentally and physically. Whether it’s a relaxing weekend in a charming little town or a hike in the mountains, the most important thing is to take your time.

Traveling slowly allows you to really explore the place you are in and experience the local culture. A slower pace allows you to feel less stressed and have more time to enjoy the “present moment”. Slow travel is good for your soul.

It’s important to find time to disconnect, relax and recharge. Because when you slow down, you have the opportunity to experience unique and unforgettable moments that might go unnoticed in the rush.

|| “A journey is measured in moments, not in miles…”

Do you agree with this?

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