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How is the Arak made? Making traditional Arak in Indonesia is a centuries-old process of equal parts art and science.  It’s a labor of love and craftsmanship that produces a unique and flavorful spirit that has warmed the hearts of Indonesians for generations. From the careful selection of the finest ingredients to the precise techniques
YOU WILL BE A MAN, MY SON A movie by Julien InvernizziCreation | Direction |Post production Charly Dupagny for Latitude Parallèle When a client organizes a screening in a cinema to project his project!!! THE RECAP! Introduction If Latitude Parallèle is a traveling creative studio as you know it today, it’s because at the beginning,
Cinema is an art form that has been contemplated in all its splendor, a creation that never ceases to dazzle millions of spectators. Through the centuries, it lives, adapts and always provides the same sensation.
As an artist, what will make you stand out in your field is your sense of creativity. And this creativity...
The evolution of the image professions with the advent of telephones. When you evolve in creative jobs, it’s important (and even essential) to detach yourself from social networks. I spend less and less time there and for several reasons: I compare my work less to that of others, I am less influenced and I avoid

Slow travel

Slow travel Slow Travel: The active slowness… When was the last time you took your time? We’ve come a long way from the days when slowness was frowned upon: slow transportation systems, slow services, slow activities… Yet today it is a highly sought-after commodity. The pace of daily life is not slowing down and this