The evolution of the image professions with the advent of telephones.

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The evolution of the image professions with the advent of telephones.

When you evolve in creative jobs, it’s important (and even essential) to detach yourself from social networks.

I spend less and less time there and for several reasons:

  • I compare my work less to that of others,
  • I am less influenced and I avoid the temptation to plagiarize,
  • In the end, my creativity is better because it is more personal.

The quality vs quantity debate? Personally there is no photo… Producing for the sake of producing is not my thing and I much prefer to offer quality! As a creator who evolves in the sector of the visual professions, I lived the advent of this era of unbridled overproduction with full force… And this, in dance as well as in audiovisual.

At the time when I was taking courses in film school, we had no idea that one day works would be broadcast on cell phones. Several million euros and years of work for a film that will be viewed on Netflix (between two Instagram stories and preferably in fast forward)?!

Some people call it an evolution. I call it a waste!

On the other hand, there’s no denying that this has been accompanied by huge technological advances and, like many artists of my generation, I now enjoy more than positive benefits. For example, I can now fit a complete shooting unit in just a backpack (a rather large one I must admit). This allows me to produce and shoot entire projects… and with a quality equal to the best professionals. And I’m not even talking about the current drones… When I think that in 2008 we were still shooting with mini Dv and other 35mm cameras! On YouTube, the competition is fierce and it’s a permanent stress.

Indeed, for a creator, the challenge nowadays lies in the difficulty to attract attention. It’s even downright “The War for Attention”!

Pffffffffff !!

Imagine, you spend days, sometimes weeks, creating a piece of work that will end up drowned in a never-ending stream of content. It’s hard.

But you manage… and eventually you learn to deal with this new broadcasting ALGORITHM. In fact, we have to admit that YouTube has brought a lot to the audiovisual industry. In my opinion, some of the creators are even better than the image professionals. Also, it is clearly this platform that allowed me to bridge the gap between the old and the new world of image and to develop my skills to the level I am now.

As a small business, I have to continually think of ways to get my creations out to as many people as possible, without breaking the bank. So as part of my marketing strategy, using YouTube is a very effective and economical way for me to grow my audience. And you, you’re an artist, a creator, an author? … how do you live the era of mass content?

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