When a client organizes a screening in a cinema

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A movie by Julien Invernizzi
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Charly Dupagny for Latitude Parallèle

When a client organizes a screening in a cinema to project his project!!!



If Latitude Parallèle is a traveling creative studio as you know it today, it’s because at the beginning, I had several objectives. First of all, I wanted to create my own works in order to spread my message.


But most of all, I was eager to offer my artistic experience to others who wanted fresh and modern visuals.


 I was eager to be part of these projects with a lot of soul, integrating codes from various horizons. Videos, movies, documentaries… I wanted more than anything to be part of offering a broader view of the world. And that’s what I do today.


How it all began

October 2021. Joe Chauvan, a physical and mental trainer well known in his field, contacts me. It is within the framework of an audiovisual service. One of his athletes, Julien Invernizzi, wants to make a documentary film about his career.

You can imagine my excitement! All the more so since the two men evolve in an environment that is not at all foreign to me: “bodybuilding”, or to put it more simply, “fitness”.


 Yes, I have been practicing this discipline for many years for my personal pleasure. So working with professionals is a godsend!

We had a long discussion about the project’s guiding line. These passionate exchanges allowed us to agree on the final rendering to be delivered.


It was time to get to work! I had a 25-minute film to produce!


If you know me at all, you know that I like to think outside the box. I love doing great things on my own.



This is a concept that is not necessarily popular in France.


But through my travels all over the world and especially in the United States, if there is one thing I have noticed, it is these ultra versatile creators who were making amazing works all by themselves!


You got it right. I was going to manage the creative process myself from start to finish, without outsourcing.


So I start by writing a script with visual references that I like, in order to have consistency in all the elements that will be filmed.


My references come from films, documentaries, and even American creators on YouTube.


And at the same time, I have to follow Julien for a week before an important competition in which he had to participate.


Then we go to the shooting! Since I didn’t know the people I was going to film personally, I first had to integrate myself into their environment and put them at ease.


 The camera can sometimes seem intrusive so the first step is to break the ice!

Trainings, interviews, competitions, family… I go through my client’s professional and private life with a fine-tooth comb, in the good sense of the word of course.


I immerse myself in the exciting world of bodybuilding. Never ask too many questions, never shoot too many shots, never do too much… The idea is to capture the raw emotion.



This is called the “run and gun” technique. This talent that creators have to capture the right moment, the perfect moment, the “magic” moment.


 I had plenty of time to perfect my technique during my travels when I was filming personal projects and the result was right there: sensational!

Post prod

Then comes the part I like the most: the post-production. When you review everything you’ve captured and you have to make final choices…


You sort the images, you put them together, you choose a music to illustrate them and you embellish the whole thing with sound effects… It thrills me!

I have been passionate about cinema since my childhood. I also followed a similar course of study. So, in almost all my projects, I work on my edits with the idea that the final work can be shown in a cinema or an equivalent installation.


And this project was certainly not going to break the rule! This work process allows me to increase the final quality, to raise the level of requirement and to better progress on the sound part of the work, which is as much, even more important than the image.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned in a previous article, nowadays, 98% of the content is consumed on cell phones, which is not at all appropriate to watch a movie and appreciate every important detail.


You can imagine my joy when, a few weeks later, I received a phone call from Julien telling me that the film was going to be shown in a Parisian cinema, “Le studio des Ursulines”!


It is already an honor and a privilege to see one of his creations shown in front of an audience of a hundred people, but in addition, in this type of configuration, I was at a loss for words!


Being a former high level dancer, I said to myself, “Well, finally, there is only one step between theaters and cinemas!

So I’m reworking the film to make it suitable for a theatrical screening. Remember, I had already anticipated and done most of the work.


All I had to do was to render the file in a specific format, “the DCP”, and to make a specific mix of the soundtrack so as not to damage the ears of our dear spectators.

And what a projection! What good energies and beautiful meetings. A memory that will remain engraved for a long time in our memories.

And you!!?

If you’re interested in doing a similar project, I’d love to talk to you about it! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist or an influencer, it would be an honor to help you tell your story. Send me a message on my private message board.

In the meantime, we’ll stay on Latitude Parallèle…

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